Motion Graphics

Enhance your video.

Motion graphics is a powerful way to highlight the important aspects of your story, or reveal hidden mechanics and processes. A little goes a long way. Choose which style suits you.

Allusion Film has 15+ years of in-house animation experience. Both 2D and 3D. 

Character animation

Let a living character convey your message, or be the customer in your film. Animated characters used to be expensive and difficult to make but with new tools it’s easier than ever.

Allusion Film produces characters and character animation in-house.

Drone footage

Taking to the skies elevates your storytelling and broadens the scope of your message. Used properly, an aerial shot can induce calm and make your audience more receptive to the story that you want to share. 

Allusion Film operates drones for custom aerial filming.

Interview and speech coaching

If you seek to engage your audience, nothing beats an old fashioned interview with proper voice projection, body language and camera work. Done well, it has tremendous power.

Allusion Film has a long in-house experience of acting and directing.

Music production

No more bland, nameless genre music.

Music has a central role in any audiovisual production. Contrary to the usual way of adding music – in the end of the process, Allusion Film produces its own music in parallell with the video production. With stylistic certainty and in harmony with your identity.

Allusion Film composes and produces music in-house.

On-site green screen

A green screen comes in handy when the environment you want to be in is inaccessible for some reason. It could be too noisy, or not even built yet! Filming against a green screen gives us the opportunity to be wherever we want.

No huge space required!

Live stream studio

Record or live stream your own vidcast in our studio!

In our studio, we can live stream with multiple cameras and great sound. The size of the studio can be adapted from a single person format to a full-width panel discussion stage!

Please email us for further details!