Minimally invasive surgery

New ideas demand proof of concept. In order to convince surgeons, more than slides and fancy diagrams are needed.

Using a combination of live action filming and 3D animation, a convincing and transparent case is made.

This clip is part of the client’s investor and end customer outreach.


In an effort to overcome language barriers, the video shows the instrument in action in a comprehensible way. Custom made animation and filming in local health clinics.

Script writing, filming, animation and compositing by Allusion Film.

Pettersson Product Line-Up

The mission was to present all the products in a similar way, despite varying size and appearance.

Using a combination of live action filming, 3D animation and compositing, all the products are presented in a unique and refreshing way.

This clip is part of the client’s conference media kit.


During their one-minute slot, the client is able to present their most important products in an eye-watering way, certain to make an impression on the conference participants.

Filming, animation and compositing, as well as tailor-made music by Allusion Film.