Sweden Solar System

The World’s Largest Scale Model!

Embark on a unique journey through the Sweden Solar System, the world’s largest scale model of our solar neighborhood, stretching over 1,400 kilometers across Sweden. This video takes you on a tour from the representation of the Sun in Stockholm to the distant dwarf planet Pluto, showcasing the vastness of our cosmic backyard on an accessible scale.

The adventure begins with the Sun, symbolized by Stockholm’s Avicii Arena, and winds through the inner planets, each uniquely represented and located in various parts of Sweden. Highlights include Jupiter, with its 7.1-meter diameter ring at an airport hotel, and Neptune, glowing blue at night in Söderhamn. The journey even includes the representation of the immensely popular dwarf planet Pluto.


It’s a huge challenge to comprehensibly visualize this solar system model, with sculptures sized from football-sized to suv-sized, spread out over hundreds of kilometres.

Script writing, filming, animation and compositing by Allusion Film.